In the Pursuit of a Culture-first Future through Tech

Technology has always been an interest to me. I always had a curiosity for everything that pushes us toward progress. But it’s not just the progress itself that excites me. There’s a certain elegance in how technology builds upon itself. Like a sculptor meticulously chipping away at the stone, each innovation refines the last, revealing the potential that was always there. I believe there is beauty in the cycle of endless refinement and continuous improvement.

This passion for technology isn’t just about the latest smartphone or the hip social media everyone is talking about. I see the potential for positive change and the ability to solve problems and improve lives. Whether we are developing new medical treatments, creating sustainable energy solutions, or simply connecting people, technology offers a powerful tool to shape the world for the better.

Now more than ever, we are well-positioned to create opportunities in Mindanao. The rich culture and diversity make for a fresh take on how we use technology to improve lives. With the DEVCON Mindanao Summit coming up, I hope that we can empower the local community to innovate the next generation of tools that will promote a culture-first future, where we strive for progress without compromising our identity.

And I, with my curious mind and unwavering optimism, want to be a part of that.