Ctrl C + Ctrl V

Stepping into the world of technology felt like diving into an ocean without seeing land. In my small town in Davao Oriental, the tech scene was almost non-existent. With no community to help me or mentors to guide me, my journey began alone, surrounded by coconut trees and the sound of waves. Every day, I sat in front of my old laptop, learning from online resources, tutorials, forums, and coding challenges. Despite my efforts, I felt alone and wondered if my dreams of becoming a tech professional would ever come true.

Everything changed when I went to DevFest 2022. It was like finding a hidden world where everyone shared my passion. The energy was exciting as I walked into the busy event filled with tech enthusiasts. I met community leaders who were not only skilled but also dedicated to helping others. Their stories of hard work and building inclusive tech communities inspired me deeply. I realized that I could be more than just a watcher; I could help make changes. With new motivation, I returned to the University of Southeastern Philippines with a mission: to nurture a growing tech community as the lead of the Google Developer Student Clubs chapter in our university.

Following the idea of “Control C and Control V”—taking inspiration from great leaders and applying their lessons to our situation. My goal was simple: to create a space where everyone felt welcome and empowered to learn and grow. The first few events were small, but as word spread, our community began to grow. The change was amazing. From starting alone to leading a tech community, I learned that while the path may start alone, it is the connections we make and the communities we build that truly matter. Through the spirit of “Control C and Control V,” we can take inspiration from great leaders in our community so that we can become leaders ourselves, and ensure that no one else has to walk this path alone.