Navigating the void: From Isolation to Inspiration

For the rest of the world, the lockdown was a temporary pause, a moment to catch their breath. But for me, it was a complete shutdown—a severance from purpose and direction. Days blended into nights, and I found myself spiraling into depression, staring blankly at my computer. The isolation wasn’t just physical; it was a deep, internal chasm. When the lockdown was lifted, it was like seeing light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. My Saturdays, once dark and lonely, transformed into vibrant days spent in sunny tech offices, surrounded by people who helped me rediscover my path and passion.

Now, as a tech community lead, I am devoted to giving back to the Mindanao community. My mission is to create opportunities where individuals can unlock their potential, passion, and purpose. I strive to ensure that no one in our community feels as lost and directionless as I once did. By providing the necessary resources and fostering a supportive environment, I aim to empower others to shine brightly and find their own light.