My Tech Journey in Mindanao

In technology, there are endless possibilities. It holds transformative power and, even in real-world scenarios, enhances lives and connects people in unprecedented ways. When I went to college, during my freshman year, I joined Devcon Summit in Cagayan.

I can’t forget how it amazed me to see what technology could change. Fast forward to my senior year, I had a whim with my schoolmate: what if we bring Devcon again to our school? As the vice governor of our college, I was involved in organizing the event. One of my tasks was inviting students from our city and neighboring ones. The process was somewhat difficult and new to me.

But when the day of the event came, I was in awe to see how people from different places with a common interest in tech gathered in the venue: students, startups, professionals, and tech companies.That’s when I realized that Mindanao is not just rich in culture and resources but has a lot to offer, especially in the field of technology.