Ian in Bukidnon

I am passionate about tech because of its innovation, creativity and it always updating. As a person born in the 90’s, I experience the shift of technology from analog to digital. For example from magnetic tape to SSD to store music and such. Technology also has a profound impact in the society, since my previous job is a Biomedical engineer I experienced and saw the impact of technology specially in healthcare industry.

Due to the rapid evolution of technology, it results to continuous learning in which I enjoyed. The reason why I volunteered is because I believe in giving up in our community, since helping others or in our community gives opportunity to other people who wants to explore in this industry. Also by volunteering it helps me gain new skills, knowledge, and experience that are valuable both personally and professionally. Why I want to serve or make a change in mindanao? number one reason is personal connection since I am born and raised in the province of Bukidnon, this motivates me to invest effort and time in this place. Another reason is that Mindanao has a very big potential in terms of growth in technology and economy, being part of this development even my contribution is still small, makes me excited and rewarding.