Bridging the Digital Divide: My Journey from Mindanao to DEVCON Kids Coordinator

Growing up in a small barangay in Mindanao, the idea of having constant access to the internet seemed like a distant dream. When I had the opportunity to have the a position as coordinator in DEVCON Kids. As a coordinator, I helped design and implement various programs and activities aimed at introducing children to the world of technology. Our approach was multifaceted, focusing on interactive and engaging methods to spark interest and build foundational skills.

Community Outreach:
We visited schools, setting up a classrooms where children could interact with computers and robots. These classrooms were often the first experience many kids had with modern technology, and seeing their excitement was incredibly rewarding.

Interactive Workshops:
We organized workshops that taught basic coding, robotics, and digital literacy. These sessions were designed to be fun and hands-on, ensuring that children enjoyed the learning process. We used games, puzzles, and creative projects to make the concepts accessible and engaging.

Creating Opportunities:
By exposing children to technology early on, we aimed to inspire future tech enthusiasts and professionals. Many of the kids who participated in our programs showed a newfound interest in STEM fields, driven by the curiosity and passion ignited by our activities.

My journey from a small barangay in Mindanao to becoming a coordinator for DEVCON Kids is a testament to the resilience and potential of individuals when given the right opportunities. It’s a story of overcoming barriers and creating pathways for others to follow. Technology opened doors for me, and now, it’s my mission to keep those doors open for many more.