Being a volunteer at DEVCON is such an honor.

I have always been fascinated by how technology has been able to address problems and bring positive change. In the field of tech, there are countless ways to broaden your knowledge base, grow up as a person and even affect others in one way or another by creating new things or using code as a bridge communication gaps. This particular passion pushes me to fit in with this ever changing world of technology.

I have always been interested in volunteering as a way of giving back to my beloved communities. Given my inclination towards empowering youngsters who are passionate about technology and integrating them with similar passion, DEVCON perfectly fits into this frame.The opportunity will enable me work collaboratively on a platform that fosters creativity among the youth, promotes cooperation amongst techpreneurs and advances technology. There could be no better chance than to learn more about the world of technology thus making new connections by working together with experienced professionals and attendees.

The rapid growth of Mindanao’s tech scene is something I find very thrilling and would want to be involved in. The DEVCON Mindanao Summit is an important stage for showcasing the talents and innovations from the area which I am part of, hence being an indigenous person from Mindanao archipelago makes it easy for me to see huge potential here. For example, by volunteering at DEVCON regardless of your background, you show an interest in what can be done within this region and how you contribute towards it.