Service Beyond the Screen

I’m Aisha, a 2nd Year Computer Science student at Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao. My fascination with technology began at a young age, and I learned my first programming language, Small Basic, at 13. This early exposure ignited my passion for coding. As I dove into robotics and joined competitions, the reality hit hard—I was the only female around. Hence, I felt compelled to shatter the gender gap and demonstrate that women are just as capable in the field of tech.

In 2019, I was awarded a scholarship to study in Japan through the Asia Kakehashi Project by AFS Intercultural Programs and MEXT Japan. While I have always been academically inclined, this exchange program broadened my horizons, fueling my passion for technology, community service, and sustainable development. I engaged in river clean-ups and donation drives, proudly representing Mindanao and the Philippines. Upon returning home, I was determined to contribute to my community in Davao.

During my senior high school years, I broke new ground as the first female president of our programming club. At 18, I was honored with the JCI Youth Leadership Excellence Award, recognizing my dedication and leadership abilities. In college, I continue to lead by example, heading the Google Developer Student Clubs Mapúa-MCM as their Lead and CEO, and co-founding the Association of Proactive Innovators – MMCM, where I serve as External VP. Through these roles, I organize workshops on Machine Learning and App Development, offering students practical knowledge beyond the classroom. Additionally, I am the Externals Lead for Google Developer Group Davao and a volunteer at DevCon Davao. Internationally, I represented Mindanao and the Philippines in the ASEAN Seeds for the Future program by Huawei and the ASEAN Foundation.

Driven by a fervent commitment to sustainability, I am dedicated to crafting tech projects that are not only innovative but also sustainable. Currently, I am immersed in the development of a pioneering Computer Vision project aimed at advancing Sustainable Farming practices. I am confident that this initiative will significantly benefit Mindanao and beyond.

Today, my mission extends beyond coding and competitions. I am dedicated to empowering women in tech, serving as a beacon of inspiration for the next generation of female tech enthusiasts. Contributing my skills, time, and knowledge to benefit the community brings me immense joy and fulfillment. This stems from my belief that there is no greater purpose than service for others.