A Dent In The Universe

When I was being interviewed for my internship in a software company here my hometown, Davao City, I said that I wanted to make an impact and contribute to the development of my city through technology. Years later, I was hired in the same company as a full-time employee and made a huge contribution as a UI/UX designer for a very important app during the COVID-19 crisis. It was the official app for Davao City’s contact tracing system. Having this experience, I would also like to be involved in a community where people have passion and dreams of making an impact to society.

I believe that I have the spirit of volunteerism within me as I am quite involved with multiple organizations in different fields. I really like doing something for the community and get them together to enjoy a common interest. Who knows? Because of these communities, they might spark a flame and set their passion ablaze and make a dent in the universe.