Plunge into the Cascading Cultural Glory and Expanding Technology Scene of Iligan City

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Talk about a place where nature meets innovation! Iligan City is famous for its stunning natural beauty. With more than 20 majestic waterfalls, visitors flock to see the thunderous Maria Cristina Falls and the serene Tinago Falls. But there’s more to Iligan than meets the eye, this city is fast becoming a tech hotspot.

Rising Technological Industry

Iligan is evolving into a home for technological titans. The recent establishment of the DEVCON Iligan Chapter marks a major milestone in Iligan’s tech evolution. Launched with the help of Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT), the Iligan ICT Council, DICT, and the City Government, this initiative aims to rapidly accelerate Iligan’s digital economy. The kickoff event in November 2022, featuring the first Iligan Digital Economy Summit and Campus DEVCON, congregated students, educators, and industry leaders eager to shape the future of tech in the region.

Cultural Wealth

Iligan strongly takes pride in having its identity molded and enriched by the Tri-People of Mindanao: the indigenous Lumad, Christian settlers, and the Muslim community. Finding unity in this cultural diversity, the city is highly fueled with collaboration and innovation, enhancing in a holistic approach.

Discover Iligan City’s artistry in performing arts, music, painted arts, photography and design.

A Taste of Heavenly Culinary

This city is a home of best cooks, aid your hunger with Iligan’s delicious foods:

  1. Lechon – Iligan is known for its flavorful Lechon dishes, it comes in three kinds: Pig, Chicken, and Beef .
  2. Cheding’s Peanuts – Beloved local peanut brand.
  3. Pinakurat – The ultimate local spicy vinegar condiment.
  4. PanQ – A tasty grilled bread snack.
  5. Halang-halang – Spicy beef soup.
  6. Pater – The famous halal Maguindanaoan meal.

Fulfilling Adventures

City life is just a fraction, discover Iligan’s wonders through these marvelous places:

  1. Non-Chlorinated Spring Pools 
  2. Iligan’s Majestic Waterfalls 
  3. Mt. Agad-agad 
  4. Iligan City Night Market

Iligan at the Summit

Looking ahead, DEVCON Iligan is gearing up for a well-deserved role in the DEVCON Mindanao Summit 2024, happening June 29-30 in Davao City. This massive event will showcase Iligan’s technological prowess through fostering innovation and collaboration among Mindanao’s brightest tech minds.

Join us at the DevCon Mindanao Summit 2024 where you can expect exciting discussions as Iligan connects with peers and propels Mindanao towards becoming the Philippines’ next big tech hub.