What do you see in Mindanao?

Many believe that the best opportunities in tech are found in Manila or Cebu, that aspiring tech professionals should seek success outside their hometowns. Through my experiences as a founder, a leader, and a volunteer, I’ve come to see many people passionate in tech explore their own journeys. I’ve witnessed the growth and development of our local communities firsthand.

When my co-founders and I established DICE, hailing from different educational backgrounds across the city, we united over our shared leadership experiences and visions for tech events. Our mission with DICE was to foster a supportive ecosystem where collaboration thrived, going far beyond the walls of our own schools.

Through DICE, we’ve had the privilege to collaborate with various tech communities in Davao City, all from different expertise, acting as an impact multiplier not only for groups but also for nurturing the aspirations of passionate individuals venturing into the realm of technology.

With diverse groups of individuals—from students to seasoned professionals, spanning programming, tech, marketing, and business—I envision our city coming together to create more opportunities for learning and professional growth. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it will take our entire city to cultivate the next generation of tech professionals.

What do I see in Mindanao? I see immense potential waiting to be realized.