Tech Trailblazer: Weaving Innovation in Mindanao

My journey in Mindanao is a tapestry woven with threads of passion for technology, a commitment to volunteerism, and a deep-seated connection to the vibrant culture and potential of the region. From my student days, I’ve been deeply involved in fostering Technopreneurship in Bukidnon and my first job in DOST-CARAGA after I graduated was actually in line with it.

As a volunteer organizer, I spearheaded the first-ever Startup Weekend in the province when I was still a student, igniting a flame of innovation and entrepreneurship in the community. Witnessing the energy and creativity of local talent coming together to create tech-startups was truly inspiring. Because of my burning spirit in building the tech community in Bukidnon, when I first heard about DEVCON, I became interested in being part of its community. DEVCON’s mission to empower and connect developers resonated deeply with my own aspirations to harness technology for positive change.

Mindanao, with its rich tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and challenges, became the canvas upon which I could paint my aspirations. In Mindanao, I found not just a place to volunteer, but a community in need of technological solutions to uplift and empower. Through my journey in Mindanao, I’ve come to understand that technology isn’t just a tool, but a catalyst for progress, and my commitment to leveraging it for good continues to fuel my endeavors in this beautiful and dynamic region.