T.E.C.H.: Tech Evolution Creates Hope.

T.E.C.H.: Tech Evolution Creates Hope. And this is the TIME for Mindanao to rise and shine as a Tech Fortress to compete and thrive for “Glocal” competencies bringing forth not just state-of-the-art innovations but income-generating opportunities extending to reach the far-flung rural areas.As an ICT practitioner coming from a humble LGU of Valencia City and as part of the incoming DEVCON Bukidnon, it is a dream come true to be a part of Mindanao Summit. This is a very good avenue to benchmark and learn best practices from experts across the Academe and the Industry and even to other Government agencies. As one who is a part of an organizing body for ICT activities, being part of the workforce of this event, will greatly impact the increase in the scope of learning, hands-on collaborations and technical engagement i will acquire during the duration of the summit.