Sparking the Future

When I entered college, I initially pursued mechanical engineering. However, due to a sudden turn of events, I found myself in the world of computer science. What allowed me to find my place in tech was the incredible community around it.

Before discovering this community, I had a strong desire to learn but lacked direction. Joining SPARCS changed that for me, opening up a world of possibilities. This journey continued as I got involved with Google Developers Group, AWS Users Group, and eventually DEVCON. The tech community in Davao, though relatively small, is tight-knit and growing. At the DEVCON Mindanao Summit, we strive to help Mindanao spread its wings and soar.

I had the opportunity to attend events outside of Mindanao, and I was inspired by the extraordinary people I met. I realized that my community deserved the same access to opportunities and amazing people.

Mindanao always had talent, and we’re determined to showcase it to the world. But we need more geniuses and prodigies to achieve our vision. This realization motivated me to inspire others. When my initial efforts didn’t work, I reflected on those who had inspired me. They were outstanding at what they did—essentially geniuses and prodigies. I understood that to inspire, I needed to become exceptional myself. So, I dedicated myself to improvement.

This commitment drives us to cultivate and grow our communities, ensuring that future generations will surpass us and achieve greater heights. As the Lead of the first AWS Learning Club in Davao and Mindanao, my mission is to make it the leading student cloud organization in the country.

Everything I am today, I owe to the community. Now, it’s my turn to give back everything I have to help my community thrive.