Bangarapen na wata (Kid’s Dream)

From the humble streets of Cotabato City, a dream was born – a dream to harness the power of technology to change the world. Growing up, I faced many challenges and limitations, but I never let that extinguish the spark within me. Instead, I let it ignite a fire – a passion for innovation that would carry me far.

With determination in my heart, I journeyed to the bustling city of Davao, where I discovered a whole new universe of possibilities in the world of computer science. It was here that I fell in love with the elegant and sleek world of Apple development. Crafting apps that could bring ideas to life – that was my calling.

But I didn’t walk this path alone. The tech community of Davao embraced me with open arms, and I found my tribe. Together, we organized workshops, volunteered at events, and collaborated on projects that pushed the boundaries of what was possible. In those moments, I realized that Mindanao was more than just my home – it was a tech haven, brimming with untapped potential.

From being the GDSC Lead at UIC to co-founding DICE Davao, I poured my heart into building up the tech ecosystem here. I met young minds hungry to learn, dreamers who were determined to build the future. And with every line of code we wrote, every innovation we brought to life, I knew that Mindanao was on the rise.

My story is just one among many, but it represents the spirit of our island – resilient, innovative, and unstoppable. We may not be the usual suspects when it comes to tech hubs, but we have something special. We have the passion, the drive, and the talent to become the next generation of Filipino tech leaders.

I’m not just representing myself. I’m representing the dreamers, the innovators, the coders who are shaping the future of Mindanao. And I promise you this – we are just getting started. The world better watch out, because Mindanao is about to make its mark on the tech world.