Why be for Mindanao?

I am passionate about literacy, particularly digital literacy, as it is a crucial skill that everyone in Mindanao needs to acquire. In our increasingly digital society, it’s essential for people to understand that technology is not just for those who love computers and hardware. Technology is vast and influences nearly every aspect of our world,, but not so in some communities in Mindanao, and with that I want to help people in Mindanao see the broader scope of technology and its potential impact on their lives.

I have volunteered to participate in events like DEVCON to learn more about their organization and its success stories. This involvement will provide me with insights into how such events are organized and how DEVCON has achieved significant growth, which can be applied to benefit Mindanao.

Mindanao is my homeland, specifically Bukidnon, and attending these events will give me ideas on how to implement similar initiatives in my community. If DEVCON becomes active in Bukidnon and other parts of Mindanao, it could lead to the region’s technological advancement. This would help Mindanao evolve into a digitally savvy area, ready to embrace the opportunities technology offers and improve the quality of life for its residents.