Wake up, Mindanao

I have a strong belief in the potential of Mindanao, especially Davao, to thrive in the tech industry.

My dream is to transform Davao and Mindanao into the next major tech hub of the country. While some people see the “opportunities” here as limited, I view this as an exciting challenge. By volunteering in various tech communities, I aim to elevate the local tech scene. We are fully capable of creating these “opportunities” ourselves and showcasing the talent and innovation Mindanao has to offer.

Despite the obstacles, the resilience and creativity of the people here inspire me every day. We have a unique culture and a wealth of untapped potential that can drive significant advancements in technology. By fostering a collaborative environment and nurturing local talent, I believe we can put Mindanao on the map as a beacon of technological innovation and growth.

I upskill for Mindanao. I strive for Mindanao. And I dream for Mindanao.