From Dreams to Reality: A soon developed Mindanao through Digital Literacy

Since I was a kid I’m constantly excited about cutting edge technology. I’m always interested in tech that has novel features, workflows, applications, or methods. My attention is always sparked by every new flagship phone edition, auto feature, and technological breakthrough that changes our way of life.

I am an Assistant Professor of the College of Information Sciences and Computing the youngest college in Central Mindanao University. I’m connected to CMU since 2011 and I specialize Flutter Applications for both Mobile and Web Platform. I’m also one of the Extension Project leader which aims to expand digital literacy in our Community. I want to volunteer because I want to expand my knowledge about new technology and expand my network to provide better Digital Literacy to our very own community. Why Mindanao? I grew-up in Bukidnon since I am kid and finish my bachelors degree. And in 2015 I decided to take Graduate degree in Ateneo de Davao and finish it in 2019 but officially graduated on April 2020. Its not that I live for 34 years in Mindanao, but I also experienced to live in Visayas and Luzon because of some competition in sports, some official travel and some in unofficial laag.

There are a lot of things that Mindanao is Special. Its not that the 1st four letter of my name is from Mindanao hahahaha. Mindanao is rich in agricultural resources even supplies Luzon and Visayas in some vegetable, fruits and different food products. Mindanao has a very big potential in the development and it has less population and less pollution. And there are some misconception about Mindanao, some of Luzon and Visayas People says that “Magulo daw sa Mindanao” but the truth is “its is more COOL in Mindanao”.