A Student’s Journey

An aspiring young boy who was inspired by his Grade 10 programming subject, soon sought out a more advanced study in the field of Information Technology in Central Mindanao University. When he became a second year student, he was baptized by the DOST Undergraduate Scholarship through the Scholar’s Values Formation Program and was inspired to contribute heavily to the local community. This ambition grew further as he undertook his subject, Information Management, under one of the best instructors, now professor, he had ever encountered with.

Through that subject, he soon found his own way of contributing to the local community, and as time was on point, he decided to become an excellent programmer and systems analyst to develop and implement information systems by starting in his educational institution, Central Mindanao University.

He soon developed two information systems, one – an admission test system currently under further development, and two – a tracking system utilized for implementation of various project funding in the University.

Although he is still far away from fully realizing his main ambitions, he currently seeks to be an excellent instructor willing to teach students the art of programming and the difficulty it takes to become one. Along the way, he has met an excellent group of students, and hopefully, they would grow to surpass him, and take it as an inspiration to better himself and the future students that he would teach.